Hostel Facility

“All that glitters is not gold.” To scoop the real gold, one has to either scavenge, examine and then carefully move his hands through a plethora of dusty piles, treacherous pebbles and the likes. Further, you might have to strain yourself through umpteenth sections of geographical mazes to spot the right location or for that matter ——— the temple of your choice wherein you always strive to witness your ward/s being fed, bred and grown up emotionally, socially, culturally, spiritually, physically and academically with homely atmosphere under the stewardship of industrious and able masters.

Against this backdrop and precisely, in view of catering all the needs and requirements for one to grow up and shine as a successful and responsible citizens of tomorrow’s Nepal, a group of professional experts ventured to bring their brains and hands together and subsequently conceived an idea of giving birth to Vidhya Sanskar School at New Baneshwor. Consequently, to realize their dreams and most importantly as a befitting answer to the growing demands of ambitious parents vying for a suitable educational institution which could guarantee a modest future to their children, the first stone was laid on 2005. Interestingly in the course of three years of its pedagogical sail, the school has been able to carve an identity of its own among the league of successful academic missions in the Metropolis.

Being away from the cacophony of unwanted noises and decibels, this school stands firm, ideal and aloof nestling on the western slope of New Baneshwor. Decked with all the modern amenities and manpower, the school is committed to deliver all the attributes that are deemed necessary for children to achieve their dreams under a standard, peaceful and required ambience. All the staff members are well- trained, qualified and caring. In a nutshell, the entire school is all set to promote and accommodate all the virtues under which a child is supposed to grow, keeping in mind the stock of changing times and rapid modernization against the wake of 21st century.

However, apart from our overall academic excellence and precisely as an ‘icing on the cake’ our school hostel has been an indelible trademark of our entire scenario. Besides being groomed with all the modern gadgets, different play fields and congenial atmosphere with caring and devoted wardens, dais and didis, we have the following to offer to our patrons and especially to those who wish to see their sibling/s grow up and shine in the premises of our hostel.


Hostel A




Vidhya Sanskar School is currently running three hostels. All the hostels are around the academy. The senior boys’ hostel which is meant for students of A Level College can accomodate 30 students per year.




Hostel B


The junior boys hostel is for students of school section. Starting from class 1 to class 10 can be accomodated in Junior Boys Hostel. The capacity of this hostel is also 30 students per year.




Hostel C





Similarly, there is provision of separate hostels for junior and senior girls. All hostels are well facilitated with proper sanitation. Each hostel has different kitchen providing hygienic food and pure drinking water.



  1.  We have an outing on every alternate Saturday. Children get to refresh themselves and experience a variety of knowledge.
  2. We have house competition on different subjects such as drawing, quiz, games and sports, speech and oratory, plays and skits and so on.
  3. Spacious rooms with low and single beds. Each room houses limited no. of children so as to avoid overcrowding.
  4. Laundry and toiletry are well managed.
  5. Enough attention and care is given to those who are physically and academically weak.
  6. Children are accessed to computer lab, library and movie hall as per the scheduled time table.
  7. Food, with balanced composition is provided as per the hostel menu

Hostel Time Table

1Wake up/Wash up5.30 am – 6.00 am
2Morning study6.00am – 7.30 am
3Breakfast7.30 am – 7.45 am
4Self study7.45 am – 8.30 am
5Dress change8.30 am – 8.45 am
6School hours8.45 am – 4.00 pm
7Recreation4.00 pm – 4.30 pm
8Study class4.30 pm – 6.30 pm
9Self study/H. W.6.30 pm – 7.30 pm
10Dinner7.30 pm – 8.00pm
11Night study8.00 pm – 9.00 pm
12Lights off9.30 pm
*Timing may vary in winter
Wake up/Wash up6.30 am – 7.30 am
Breakfast8.00 am – 8.30 am
Various programs like (visit to zoo, temples, monuments, parks, water spots, picnic, swimming, museum so on) will be scheduled for students from 8.30 am – 5.00 pm. This in turn will be notified to all the students.
Refreshment4.30 pm – 5.00 pm
Study class5.30 pm – 7.30 pm
Dinner7.30 pm - 8.00pm
Bed/Lights off8.30 pm. (for school kids only)


Materials Required


  1. School uniform as per school code – 2 Sets
  2. Quilt/Blanket
  3. Quilt cover – 2
  4. Mattress – 1 (5×3 ft)
  5. Pillow – 1
  6. Pillow cover-2
  7. Bed sheet – 2
  8. Big bathing towel – 1
  9. Small face towel – 1
  10. Night suit – 2 sets
  11. Casual wear – 2 sets
  12. Outing wear – 2 sets
  13. T-shirt – 4 pairs
  14. Vest – 4 pairs
  15. Trousers – 2 pairs
  16. Jacket/ Sweater – 2 sets (winter)
  17. Thermal coat – 2 sets (winter)
  18. Cap/ gloves/muffler – 2 sets each (winter)
  19. Slipper – 2 pairs
  20. Sport shoes – 1 pairs
  21. Handkerchief – 4 sets
  22. Under wear – 4 sets
  23. White Canvas Shoes – 1 Pair
  24. Black Leather Shoes – 1 Pair
  25. Navy Blue Socks – 2 Pairs
  26. Colored Socks – 2 Pairs


General Rules and Regulations


  1. There will be a “Visiting” every last Friday of the month in accordance with the Nepali calendar. You can take your ward/s after 4.30 pm and bring back to the hostel by the following Sunday between 6.30 am to 8.30 am sharp in school uniform.
  2. In order to bring uniformity we would like to request you not to send things such as, hair oil, soap, shampoo, shoe-polish, cream, toothpaste etc. All will be provided by the school and the cost will duly be added in the bills.
  3. Children are highly discouraged to bring eatables in the hostel. Such food might upset their routine intake of balanced diet at appropriate times.
  4. Children are not allowed to bring pocket money. Such practice is likely to spoil their habits.
  5. Frequently taking children away from the hostel in one pretext or the other is totally discouraged. Parents can however, take their ward/s only in some ‘exceptional cases’ with prior permission from the hostel in-charge.
  6. Expensive ornaments and watches are not allowed in the hostel.
  7. Parents/guardians are not allowed to visit the hostel without any special reason. In case of emergency, you can straightaway talk to the concerned authority.
  8. Every Saturday after 3.00 pm, parents may talk to your ward/s in the following numbers: School: 4472902, 4499662, 4483212. Hostel: 9841466165
  9. A visiting card will be provided to the local guardians of the child. The person who is responsible for the child should use this card and no other coming with the card will be allowed to meet/take child out except the one whose photo is attached on the card.
  10. An authority letter from the parent’s side is required if the child has to attend any special function during other days besides the mentioned night/day outs.
  11. If the student wants to leave the hostel one month prior notice is required if not he/she should pay for the current month.
  12. 2 auto size photos of the child and 2 auto size photos of the local guardians are required at the time of admission.
  13. Parents can correspond to the school authority via telephone, E-mail or letter.
  14. The hostel charge will have to be paid by 10th of Nepali Calendar.
  15. If the payment is not made within the mentioned period the child will be debarred from the hostel facility.
  16. The entire amount in the account section should be cleared latest by the beginning of the every term exam, so that the child may be able to sit for the exam comfortably.
  17. School authority has the right to debar the student of the hostel facility if any of the rules is broken or if any kind of misbehavior and misconduct is shown.