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Anand Aditya - chairman

Nine years is not a long stretch for an institution, certainly not in the history of an organization which belongs to education. But the steady thrust that CHIA (Chelsea International Academy) has somehow been able to make in half a generation despite all the odds it faced and is still facing, and the image it has acquired gives reason to hope it should go a long way and it can. Congratulations, therefore, to everyone concerned and involved – to the Principal and the Board Members, the prime movers of Chelsea’s Mission; the teaching staff, the pillars; and the parents whose support it cherishes and deserves, but it was probably the students – the pulsating heart of the whole body – whose perseverance brought the remarkable performance this year, something we can be truly proud of and will, I am sure, carry the banner still onward in the days to come.


Anand Aditya